• Specialized consulting company founded in YEAR 2005, is one of the leaders in providing numbers of General Industrial services and the fastest independent growing company in Saudi Arabia. Headquartered in rastanura, Saudi arabia, SCC has offices in Riyadh, Yanbu & Jubail. As we are multinational, having GAINFULL workforce of over 500 employees throughout the Kingdom.
  • SCC is a well known Company with over 10 years of combined specialized  experience towards General Contracting & Multifunctional industrial services.
  • Specialized Consulting Company  is committed to provide an efficient and qualitative service. SCC is dedicated to following the highest level of safety standards and assurance of quality in all aspects of giving their services & supply with satisfied Clients.

Director’s Message

Mr. Mishal Al-Shammary

Dear friends, well-wishers and entrepreneurs,

With our wide and hands on experience and exposure in the areas of our Specialization, I am Sure various leading Entrepreneurs and Industrialists will be definitely looking for improving their bottom lines and it is my endeavour and desire that YOU should also derive maximum benefits from these customized and NEED-BASED services on offer from our Company.

We, at SCC, are committed to provide the different kinds of Services under one umbrella and I have been interacting with various Authorities in these Industries to highlight the rich benefits that can be accrued to the Entrepreneurs from these Specialized Services on offer. It has been my dream to provide the Quality Services under the Brand Name of SCC to all the needy entrepreneurs in this field by using the OUR Technology /Equipment with Our specialized Services from a single Source.

I, on behalf of M/S Specialized consulting company, wish you the best and hope that you will really be delighted to know more about our company and useful inputs through our profile & Industrial Experience.