Engineering & Workshop Division

We have full service heavy industry facility as manufacturing workshop in Jubail which is facilitated with Automatic & Semi Automatic Welding Machines, Bending & Folding Machines, Hydraulic Press, Mechanical Cutting Machines, Gas Cutting Machines, Hydraulic Pullers, Annealing Furnace, CNC Profile Machine, CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, PWHT Facility, Pre-Heating Facility, Straightening Machine, Rolling Machine, Tube Rolling Machine, Band Saw, Hack Saw, Alignment Bed, Punching Machine, Shearing Machine, Sand Blasting & Painting Shop.


World Class Machine Shop Facility

Hydraulic & Fitting Shop

Electrical Maintenance Workshop

We do industrial periodic maintenance on all Electrical Maintenance equipment, components, and installations, provide prompt response to inquiries whenever there is a breakdown, and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We always care that equipment are in good working order so as to prevent disruption of activities

  • We help the organization to reduce energy costs.
  • Provide safe working environment.
  • Learn new skills and attend training programs.

SCC has ISO certified fully equipped Electrical Maintenance Workshop with a total floor space of 2000 sq. meters. It is capable of doing Low Tension (LT), Medium Tension(MT) & High Tension (HT) motor repairs up to 10,000 KW and motors rated up to 13,800 volts. having 40 tons & 20 tons EOT cranes and 6 tons & 3 tons jib cranes. The workshop is equipped with the latest automatic and semi-automatic coil winding machines, computerized com-mutator under cutting machine, motorized commutator under cutting machine for small armatures. A Computerized large electric baking oven, thermal control medium baking oven, latest technology test panel of 0 to 4,200 volts and 0 to 13,800 volts with an additional facility for DC motors & synchronous motor testing, large vacuum pressure impregnation machine cleaning bay having compressed air, pressurized steam and degreasing solvent system, mechanized coil burning, coil cutting and extraction system, Computerized Transformer TTR and winding resistance test machine, surge tester up to 30KV, High Pot testing 30,000 Volt machine, Core Loss (hot pot) test machine, high voltage up to 5000V meggers, latest Vibration Analyzer, Laser temperature detector, Computerized motor winding tester with oscilloscope, dip tank varnishing motorized and trickle impregnation machine, state of the art Painting chamber with thermal control room and paint, spray system. Also VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation), very large Baking oven for all sizes of motors, automated coil burning machine and additional painting chamber for large motors.

SCC is committed to helping you select the best Electronics & Instrumentation Maintenance Services  to ensure maximum productivity, adhere to application specifications, and minimize investment cost. SCC can perform a detailed requirements analysis and conduct prototype development or a feasibility analysis for recommending designs for its electronics & instrumentation related maintenance activity.

Electronic & Instrumentation Maintenance Services

The Electronics and Instrumentation services has the following capabilities:

  • Auto calibrator for various multi-gas meters and weighing scale

   with print-out report using the SCC self tracking system.

  • Fault diagnosis such as oscilloscopes, function and pattern

   generators, oil testers, signal recorders, counters and multi-range

   AC / DC power supply.

  • Standard weight for scale calibration ranges from 1mg to 50 kg.
  • Using Fluke calibrator 5500A to calibrate volt meters, clamp

   Meters & small calibrator.

  • Instrumentation section has black body, heat reference ranges

   from -5 to1700 C to calibrate thermocouple and pyrometer.

  • Air Pressure from -1 to 10 bar, hand pump ranges up to 25 bar.
  • Dead Weight Hydraulic Pressure Tester ranges from 0 to 1376 bar.
  • Flow and levels using several simulators.
  • Block Gauges for measuring tools with ranges from 1mm – to

   1000mm supported with surface granite.

  • Multi-function air pressure and temperature calibrator.
  • Hydro pneumatic test stand designed to perform shell and seat

   tests on flanged valves from 2” to 36”