SCC Inspection Services

SCC expertise team and our experts are committed to deliver quality services to our clients in the field of all industrial inspection services such as NDT, Plant Inspection, Welding Inspection, Painting Inspection, Refractory Inspection, Condition Monitoring & etc.

Our company is one of the NDT service provider with fully experienced staff, fully qualified and certified according to the company’s written practice manual, which meets the requirements of ASNT (American Society of Non-destructive Testing) Number SNT-TC-1A Current Edition which describes recommended practice.

SCC NDT Services

We have API certified inspectors and personnel who are recognized worldwide as professionals who are fully knowledgeable of the relevant industry inspection codes and standards, and who are capable of performing their jobs in accordance with the latest and most acceptable industry inspection practices.

SCC having well qualified and skilled Welding Inspector & Engineer while such inspection requires a wide variety of knowledge as the part of the inspection, including an understanding of welding drawings, symbols, and procedures; weld joint design; code and standard requirements; and inspection and testing techniques.

SCC’s painting & coatings inspection personnel are committed to the continuous internal development of our inspection staff, and closely monitors performance under a rigorous quality.

Our Coating Inspector’s Qualification:

  • NACE Coating Inspector Program
  • NACE Cathodic Protection Program
  • BGAS CSWIP Grade 2/3


SCC’s API 936 Refractory Quality Control Personnel are dedicated to equip individuals with knowledge on installation, inspection, testing and repair of refractory linings. It provides the industry with competent refractory personnel who are qualified to do the job.

Industrial Condition Monitoring

We are committed to the highest standards of integrity, excellence, performance and communication among our Employees, Technology Partners, Industry Experts and customers.

We understand that to provide the best services, it requires the use of the most modern, state-of-the-art technology, analytical instrumentation, customized software, expertise and talent in the Industry and recognized standard testing methods and procedures as per various international standards.